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Help make TennisAbstract.com better (and promote your blog)

News on TennisAbstract.com: links to great player news and analysis elsewhere on the web.

I hope you'll work with me to make this a reality. Getting your blog posts and articles on TennisAbstract.com player pages is easy.

Step one: Fill out a quick form to tell me a few things about your site.

Step two: Add TennisAbstract.com links to player names in your posts. (The TA Linkifier makes this a snap.)

That's it!

Please read through the rest of this page. Then, if I haven't scared you away, please submit your information.

How it works

Once every hour or so, I'll check your RSS feed for new content and scan any new posts for TA player links. If you're writing about Roger Federer and include a link to his TA page, your post will show up in the "Player News and Views" section of Federer's page.

your links here

For now, each player page will show the most recent five posts. After approximately 30 days, I'll drop each post from the database.

Finally, this is very much a work in progress, and I'm sure I'll do some tweaking throughout the month of August. I'll probably break stuff. Please let me know if you think things are not working like they should, but please also be patient.

The rules

There are, of course, some basic guidelines you'll need to follow.

The object of including "News and Analysis" on TennisAbstract.com is just that: to provide news, views, and analysis. I'm not interested in including links to sites that simply list orders of play, match results, betting lines, or betting results.

Next, TennisAbstract.com links must be relevant to the content of each post. Don't add random links to Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic at the bottom of your articles in an attempt to game the system. I'm obsessed with TennisAbstract.com, and I'll notice.

Finally--and this should be obvious--work must be your own. I won't link to aggregators or any other kind of site that is recycling content that originates elsewhere.

I'm a reasonable guy, but I do retain the sole right to determine what sites and posts are included in this system. If you violate any of the above policies, or if you do other objectionable stuff that I didn't think of until I catch you doing it, I'll remove your site from the program and add several bad losses to your favorite player's record.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to add TennisAbstract.com links to every post? Nope. However, only posts that include TennisAbstract.com links will show up on player pages.

Do I have to use the Linkifier? No. If you love inserting links manually, it would be churlish of me to stop you.

How about "custom filter" links? Will you recognize those too? Yes! If you're linking to a player page, it doesn't matter whether you're linking to the standard view or the page with some combination of filters applied.

I submitted the form, but I haven't heard from you and my posts aren't showing up. Please give me 72 hours to process applications for new sites. If it has been longer than that, send me an email with a friendly reminder.

Why isn't one (or some, or all) of my posts showing up on player pages? Please allow up to six hours for new posts to show up. (And make sure there are TennisAbstract.com player links in the post!) If it has been that long, send me an email. Stuff breaks. I'll try to fix it.

Why doesn't the Linkifier add a link for [some player]? Are you sure it's spelled right? The Linkifier checks for exact matches of player names, along with a small number of variations I've added by hand. Check the player's TA player page to see how the site spells it. It's certainly possible that you've got it right and I've got it wrong. If so, send me an email.

Do you check for updates to my posts? At present, no. I'll scan the post for player links only when it first appears. I recognize that's not ideal for content like live blogs, so eventually this will change.

Submit your site

To check that your site meets the criteria, and to get it set up in the system, I'll need a bit of information from you. Please send an email to jeffsackmann@gmail.com (two n's!) with the following:

- Your name
- The name and URL of your blog
- The URL of your blog's RSS feed

And that's it! I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

While you're waiting, you can get a head start on the process by using the Linkifier to add links to your last several blog posts. RSS feeds usually contain the last 10 posts, and when I first scan your feed, I can add those recent posts to the database so that they show up on player pages.